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First Time I’ve Walked for No Reason

So I decided to start walking. My son, Brandon, is joining me – not that he has any issues to work out regarding walking or anything, just because he’s a good kid.

I walked 2 minutes out and 2 minutes back. I didn’t have a goal in mind when leaving the house because I didn’t know how I’d feel about walking for exercise, but 4 minutes of it was enough. I’m hot, which I know is normal, and I was walking fast, but able to keep having a conversation with Brandon, so I was going the right pace (that I’d been aiming for.)

We’ll see how I can do next time.

Anxiety prior to leaving my driveway – 1.

Anxiety at the 2 minute mark – 6

Anxiety upon returning home – 1.

I also had just gotten over a pretty major panic attack, like a 7.5, which only lasted about 3 minutes – but still. I consider this a success.

Go me.



About 7 off of Bainbridge in the 360.

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