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Walking Day 2 – No Panic – And Faster!

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Okay, I don’t know what’s up but I just did the same walk 3 minutes faster – with no stopping – and NO panic – and no real anxiety either!! WooT!!!

Anxiety before, during, and after = 1.

Go me!!!

Did I mention that it’s hot as hell outside, too? I’m *literally* sweating. I don’t sweat normally – seriously, that would mean that I was panicking or exercising (which makes / made me panic.) It’s rolling down the side of my head and I’m not freaking out about it. I’m not breathing heavy or fast or anything. I was singing a song with AJ on the walk. I am SO doing better and better every day.

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Oh Yes I Did. First “walk” of Major Consequence

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Okay, so Dave drops us off at the ferry in the morning, drives home, and then walks to the ferry. At night, he walks to our house, picks up the car, and comes back to get us. (AJ and me.)

Tonight I walked home, too. 25 minutes – ALL uphill. Oh hell yeah!

I panicked four times. I especially panicked when I would stop to catch my breath. I kept reassuring myself that I was fine because I was standing there having a conversation with Dave, my breathing wasn’t labored or anything like that, no chest pain…just anxiety.

Starting anxiety – 1.

During – between 3 and 8.

As soon as I got in the house – 2.

After sitting and thinking about it for a while – 4. (I keep checking the color of my fingernails.) 😦

Seriously…all up hill. That part sucked. Brandon once told me that it takes him 12 minutes to get from the ferry to the house, but it took me 25 minutes. I know that if I could do this every day I could do it in 20 minutes or less, and with less anxiety.

Will have to talk to Travis about this tomorrow.

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First Time I’ve Walked for No Reason

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So I decided to start walking. My son, Brandon, is joining me – not that he has any issues to work out regarding walking or anything, just because he’s a good kid.

I walked 2 minutes out and 2 minutes back. I didn’t have a goal in mind when leaving the house because I didn’t know how I’d feel about walking for exercise, but 4 minutes of it was enough. I’m hot, which I know is normal, and I was walking fast, but able to keep having a conversation with Brandon, so I was going the right pace (that I’d been aiming for.)

We’ll see how I can do next time.

Anxiety prior to leaving my driveway – 1.

Anxiety at the 2 minute mark – 6

Anxiety upon returning home – 1.

I also had just gotten over a pretty major panic attack, like a 7.5, which only lasted about 3 minutes – but still. I consider this a success.

Go me.

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