For J.Z.

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I’m truly sorry that I’ve been the cause of your needing to expend so much energy and going outside of your comfort zone as you are usually very quiet, despite constantly posting on Jenny’s blog, and I also appreciate your replaying the whole of my unfortunate story there on her blog amidst the Christmas cheer rather than putting your reply to me here on my blog where it would have been seen by, basically, me alone.

I’m sure it wasn’t your intention at all to let people know how much of a monster I am, but you did a great job.

Good for you.

You have no idea what my life is like, has been like, or what the future looks like for me.  I am not a scammer.  You saw the list – all but a few things were very, very inexpensive (right around $10.)  Do you honestly think I’m going to resell those jeans? Or the snow boots?  Well, I’ll be sure to pay my fucking rent with the money I raked in on this scam!  WOOT!

You go with your bad self.

Let me know, via MY BLOG (how about we keep it off of Jenny’s blog? Just a random thought…), what you bought for AJ because I don’t want to cause you more suffering by having to live with knowing that you were violently ripped off by some stranger on the internet who lives solely to spend a 3 days in December exploiting hundreds of people out of their hard earned money.

Fuck it.  You know what?  I’m done trying to explain to you and everyone else how fucked things are in my life, and in my head – me going on trying to justify my actions just so I could experience something happy.  This is why I don’t ask for help.  Trust me, I fucking won’t ever again.

Oh, but PS – I deleted a lot of what I had in a prior post about AJ’s experiences, but I thought I’d add a picture here.  Just for YOU!!!!  Merry Christmas.



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